Monday, May 3, 2010

Kindergarten is Coming

I registered Carson for kindergarten today; it wasn't as bad as I imagined. I thought there was going to be a really long line and lots of parents waiting to get their kid in the right track, etc. I showed up a few minutes after 8am, and there were only 5 moms there, waiting for things to start. They weren't even in a line yet. They were all just sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for 8:30am, when registration was supposed to begin. So I sat down and waited with them, and during the next 20 minutes or so, only about 3 or 4 more parents showed up to register. And only about half of them were there for kindergarten; the other half were there to register for the first grade. Very different from the stories I heard about registration in California! Where parents get in line at 5am, only to wait for hours for registration to be completed. I was done with the process at about 9:30am. So Carson is going to be done with preschool at the beginning of June, then he'll start kindergarten in mid-July! I chose the Blue Track because the first month off is October, and that is when I think the new baby will be coming, so I figured it would be nice to not worry about getting Carson off to school or whatever during that month. He might even ride the bus, we'll see! But really, there wasn't much difference between the Blue and Green tracks; just that one is morning kindergarten, the other is afternoon. They both had benefits and drawbacks, so it was hard to choose. But it's all done now. Yay!


  1. So exciting! I'm glad it went smoothly for you.

  2. Wow! We also registered J'anna for kindergarten - crazy, huh?

  3. SO nice when things are LESS of a hassle than you anticipate! Exciting for Carson, is he looking forward to it?