Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PreK Grad-Nite

Carson graduated from preschool last Thursday, his teacher Miss Heather had a graduation 'ceremony' at her house that night.

Handing out diplomas.

Miss Heather prompting each student to show something they learned during the year, which was a identity cheer. Each child would yell "I am (name)!" then shake the other's hands while saying "You are my friend".

So Carson is ready for kindergarten, which starts in mid-July! We were very pleased with what he learned in preschool and are grateful Miss Heather was around to teach him. We're bummed she's moving soon! We are so proud of Carson!

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  1. YAY, Carson! So neat to see him growing up. He's so handsome, too! Turning into a little man. It's gonna be fun to see Tucker as he does the same. I found the cross-stitch I did for Tucker like 3 years ago at my parents' house when I went to visit. I could have sworn I gave it to you! It's all finished and ready. SO LAME I never gave it to you when you were there at the same time as me in January. Then I forgot to mail it to you from there this time around. Oh well, it's there next time you're in V-town you can go pick it up maybe.