Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kennesaw Mountain, Civil War batllefield

What do we do on our first weekend in the south? What else? We visit a battlefield! Above is some mica that Carson found on the ground on our walk to the battlefield.

Kennesaw Mountain National Park is just about a half an hour drive from where we live, so we went there today.

We had to park a ways away, as there are a lot of people!

We are walking to the visitor's center, to our left is the battlefield.

They had a small museum with information and artifacts about the Kennesaw battle and the Atlanta campaign.

We noticed a butterfly....

it's unlike any butterfly we've ever seen!

It is the most-visited civil war battlefield, and we figured it is because it is easy to get to, close by a major city, and see the hill in this picture? All the visitors we saw had jogging/running/hiking/walking clothes/shoes on, and they were all hiking up the mountain or jogging/walking on the trails around the base of the mountain. We learned a lot about General Sherman. One important thing: the General Sherman tree in California is named after an important person!

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