Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turning Three -- Happy Birthday Savannah

Savannah is officially three!  We celebrated her birthday this week with cupcakes and presents.  We appreciate the gifts from grandparents and cousins.  She has loved all of them.

Carson planned the birthday party (which helped him achieve a Cub Scout badge).  Carson created a ring-toss game and he made up a puppet show and had Tucker help act it out.  Savannah had a great time.  Angela made some delicious strawberry cupcakes, filled with vanilla pudding and topped with strawberry frosting -- so good.

Carson and Tucker performing the puppet show.

Savannah loves all of her new dresses.  This is the dress from the China Girl in the Great and Powerful Oz.


Don't these cupcakes look amazing.  Like from a magazine.

The after-cupcake stupor.

Another one of Savannah's new outfits.

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