Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rock City (in GA, Near Chattanooga, TN)

When we moved to Atlanta, we noticed quite a few people had bird houses that said, 'See Rock City'. So when we visited Chattanooga, we decided to see Rock City.  It is technically in GA, but just barely.  It is on a hill (or as they are called in Georgia, a mountain) that overlooks Chattanooga, TN.

It is a really cool area full of different rock formations, caves and tunnels.  We really enjoyed it and would like to go back someday (if for nothing else than the fudge and possibly one size larger in the t-shirt I bought).

It's tough to get a three year old to care about rocks, but Savannah even had a great time.

One of the passage ways was tighter than this one -- titled: Fat Man's Squeeze.

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