Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Disneyworld: Epcot and Magical Kingdom

Amazing window display on Main Street.

Right when we got into Epcot, we tried to get everyone together for a nice family portrait in front of Spaceship Earth, the kids fought against it.

Tucker next to these plaques with tiny pictures engraved in metal. Pictures of people who donated, I guess?

In 'Morocco'

In 'Japan'

In 'Italy'

In 'China'

Inside a museum in 'China', terra cotta warriors

Now in the Magical Kingdom, Savannah chose some princess ears

We ate lunch in the Beast's castle, and saw the rose up close inside the West Wing

in Tomorrowland

Carson got some pins and traded whenever he saw someone in the park with pins

Savannah overwhelmed with joy at seeing Rapunzel's tower

In the stocks in Revolutionary square in frontier land

more pin trading

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