Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tucker's Gifted Program

A month ago we received a letter from Tucker's school asking if they could test him for the gifted program.  We discussed it with him and he didn't seem to be very interested, so we declined.  Within hours of the form being returned to the school, the school called.  The Gifted Coordinator had confirmed with Tucker's teacher and felt that he should take the test and explained more details about the testing and the gifted program.  In the end, we agreed to the testing.

We received the results over the weekend.  Tucker's scores on each of the different tests and measures were amazing!  The note from the school stated: 'Your child has demonstrated a need for gifted services'.  So we discussed it with him again.  He had the biggest smile on his face as we explained the test results to him.  Then we discussed the program some more and he decided that he would like to join.

Congratulations Tucker!

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