Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Frying Pan Farm Park Junior Farmer Classes: Farm Chores and Games, Making Food for Turkeys

This junior farmer class was about farm chores. The kids played a relay game with the wash bucket and a water pump. They had to pump water into a little bucket and carry it over to another bucket to fill it up. Then the kids learned how laundry was done on a 1920s farm.

feeding clothes through a wringer to squeeze out the water

The kids also got to beat the dust out of a rug with a real rug beater. Once all chores were done, then they got to play games. They gathered on the porch and learned about playing jacks, coloring, and dropping corn cobs into bottles from up high. 

then the kids got to feed the bunny

We always take time to look in on the piglets

The next class, we got to take a short tour through the historic farmhouse on the property. Frying Pan Farm was established in 1792, and was restored in the 1970s. 

This farmhouse is original, but restored. It shows all the typical aspects of farm living in the 1920s to 1950s. 

I love these old light switches

and the old phone

Typical old dining room

With real farmhouse butter round (all the food was fake of course)

This is the living room, packed with old furniture and other props to complete the old fashioned feeling

There was old 40s music playing on the radio

All the pigeons at the water trough

baby turkeys

chicken house

really cute, friendly, soft calf named Clover

this class the kids met a baby turkey and then made food for him

They are taking turns mashing apples

praying mantid on the roof of the bunny cage

Savannah is grabbing a handful of oats to add to the turkey food mix the kids are creating

this is an old corn grinder

they put dried blue corn cobs in one rotator that knocked off all the kernals

then you put the kernals into the grinder and the cornmeal falls into the dish below

then everything was put together: mashed apples, oats, cornmeal, turkey feed. (The turkey is in the cage to the guy's right. )

Then, we went to the turkey cage to feed it to the turkeys. This was our last farmer class right before Thanksgiving. This was a great way for the kids to get close to farm animals and routines. Tucker's favorite class was when he learned about farm chores, cause he got to do chores!

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