Sunday, June 11, 2017

Going to Utah

Here are our pictures from our trip to Utah! They will be out of order, yay! I can't figure out how to put them in order in the file folder, and there are about 200 of them, so I am just going to load them on the blog here and you can look at them and guess what they're showing. We went to Utah to celebrate Nan and Melvin's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed at Phil and Nicole's house, and went to the Utah Capitol building, the Church History Museum, the Family History Discovery Center, the Church History Library, the Hogle Zoo, and BYU in Provo. We had a nice dinner to celebrate the anniversary, where I sang a song and all the kids sang a song for their grandparents. Phil and Nicole have bunnies and chickens and goats. We had a great time staying with them and enjoyed seeing all the family and getting to know everyone a little better. (I will try to label some pictures, but for now, I will just post them).

The kids sang a church song medley

All the grandchildren singing a medley 

Teresa and Rogan

Eagle at the Hogle Zoo

Salt Lake Temple Visitor's Center Christus Statue

Grant, Clarissa, and Derek Knight

Savannah at the Eyring Science Center at BYU

Phil and Nicole rented a waterslide for the 'unbirthday' party for all the kids' birthdays in the last few months and the months to come

Tucker looking at where his ancestors came from at the Family History Discovery Center near Temple Square

Ben and Tara

I sang "Sweetheart Tree" and "Moon River"

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