Saturday, June 10, 2017

Utah 2

Savannah in a kid's play area in the Family History Museum

Campfire with family

Looking out at Salt Lake from the capitol building

Above: at Eyring Science Center at BYU

holding bunnies at Phil and Nicole's house

Above: Salt Lake Temple Visitor's Center

viewing documents at the Church History Library

Brianna, Jesselyn, Savannah, and Bethany

At the Discovery Center, they gave out ipads that you could load your picture onto and then dock them at each station to learn more about your ancestors, based on your account settings

Family History Discovery Center

Melvin speaking to family in the Church History Library, which is primarily where he and Nan work now during their mission. Their mission will be done this November.

Brigham Young statue inside the capitol building.

Eyring Science Center

Meeting the family at the Family History Discovery Center

Mormon Battalion monument next to the capitol building

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