Monday, July 10, 2017

Carson's Time at Goshen Scout Camp

I went to scout camp two weeks ago. It was fun. I earned five merit badges: Rifle shooting, Robotics, Canoeing, Space Exploration, and Chess. We woke up at about 6 in the morning and ate at 8. Then we went to Rifle shooting then Robotics. After that we went to lunch. Then we went to Canoeing then Space exploration. Lastly we went to Chess then to dinner in the dining hall. Then we had open hour and then we went to sleep in cots.

Rifle shooting was fun. I got 7 shots in the circumference of a dime with a bolt-action 22 rifle. It was kind of hard. We had fun instructors.

Robotics was fun too. We made line following robots out of lego mindstorms. Ours was almost done but it ended up not working.

Canoeing was fun. We learned how to canoe and how to jump out of it. We also learned how to capsize and flip over the canoe. It was my favorite.

In space exploration we launched rockets and made plans to go to Earf, Pluto's fake solid gold moon. My rocket was one of the few rockets that deployed its parachute.

In chess we learned the history and rules of chess. We learned the 'En Passent' move with pawns and castling with the king and rook.

Scout camp was really fun. Near the end we went to a watering hole that had a really strong current
that was fun to go down. We saw a snake swimming around in the water but it swam onto land.

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