Friday, July 7, 2017

The Georgian Hightree by Tucker Knight

One day, there was a tree called the Georgian Hightree. It was very tall. It was the tallest tree in the forest! But another day, when it saw that it was tallest tree in the forest, it started to brag to his neighboring trees like Redwood. Thinking that he was safe, being tall and thick, the Georgian Hightree boasted about that too. But soon there was a terrible thunderstorm! But still thinking he was safe, the Georgian Hightree laughed at the storm saying, "I am so big, tall and strong that you won't even tickle me!" But soon lightning struck the Georgian Hightree, causing it to catch on fire. As for the Georgian Hightree, he realized how much trouble he was in. He told his seeds, "Don't make the same mistake as I did. Grow low like moss." And the Georgian Hightree released his seeds. Now the Georgian Hightree is only seen as moss.

The End

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