Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bethany Beach, DE

On the drive to the beach, we had to cross over water and had to go on these crazy bridges. The drive there was beautiful, as always, the countryside is full of green fields and lots of old farmhouses.

In order to find parking, you have to get to the beach by no later than 10am, or there won't be any spaces left. Paid parking, of course. 

You can see Carson at the top of that wave.

The city has a trolley that went around the whole town. Mainly it is to provide cheap transportation for anyone to get around, as it's 25 cents per person. We went on it just to see what the town looks like. 

We went to Bethany Beach on Saturday, then to Rehoboth Beach on Sunday. We liked Bethany Beach better, just cause it had smaller buildings right by the beach. They didn't have any huge hotels right on the beach, so it felt more secluded. They had chairs and umbrellas we could rent on the beach. Every now and then, a plane would fly overhead with a banner attached, advertising Geico or an upcoming local concert. That was annoying. We had dinner at a place called 'Off the Hook', very good. We got some fudge from a place called "3 Blonde Bakers", very good! 

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