Sunday, August 20, 2017

Roanoke and Salem, VA

We have been wanting to check out Roanoke for a while now, so we finally went there this last weekend. This was a farmer's market they have downtown. We bought some raw honey from a man who lives in Catawba, VA. 

This is some honeycomb we tried eating; it's from a jar of honey we bought at this farmer's market. The honey is very good, but the honeycomb was just tasteless wax; not that great to eat. Now we know. 

This was inside a science museum nearby. Just the lobby, we decided not to buy tickets.

This is the Roanoke Star, erected in 1949. 

It has a great overlook deck with a great view.

Next, we went to Dixie Caverns. Virginia has hundreds of these caverns because of a faultline that lies right through this area, and it shifted bigtime a long time ago, creating all these cavities with water and minerals. 

This formation is supposed to look like a turkey or chicken bent over. 

It was a small tour group, about 20 people, and the tour was not too long. The most interesting part to me was being able to see the original point of discovery of this cavern. You can look up and see daylight through a small opening and that was where a boy and his dogs found these caverns. Lots of water still dripping all throughout the caves. 

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