Sunday, October 1, 2017

Anderson House, Washington, DC - HQ of the Society of the Cincinnati

The Society of the Cincinnati held a free session for the American Culture merit badge last weekend.  Keith went to drop Carson off and after seeing the amazing place and agenda, he couldn't leave.

The building is a 1920's mansion -- the winter home of the Andersons, which was donated to the Society of the Cincinnati upon the Anderson's deaths.  The building was incredible; it is so tough to imagine people living in such a place.  There were only four Boy Scouts there, including Carson.  Several different adults taught the boys about the Revolutionary War.  They were so passionate about it and had such depth of insight.

As part of the event, the boys helped wax / polish the statue of George Washington outside of the building.

I had never heard of the Society of the Cincinnati before, so it was interesting to learn of it.

The discussions about the Revolutionary War were held in the library room.

This cannon is named 'George'.  It, along with Martha, are two of the first cannons made and stamped by the Continental Army for use during the Revolutionary War.

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