Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fairfax History Day - 2018

Each year, Fairfax hosts Fairfax History Day, focused on local 19th century life.  With all of the rain we've been having recently, we were fortunate to have a beautiful, sunny spring day. 

It is held at 'Historic Blenheim', a former plantation near the site of the first battle of the Civil War.  The union soldiers quickly evicted the family from their home and turned it into a camp for the soldiers as they prepared for the Battle of Bull Run. 

The home at the center of the plantation, now known as 'Graffiti House', had been recently built and had clean, bare walls.  The union soldiers covered the clean, white walls with their signatures and with graffiti.  Recently, the city acquired the property and began the process of renovation and exposing the original graffiti on the walls.

In addition to tours of the house, exhibits were setup to help us learn more about local people and life. 

The kids loved the blacksmith display and learned so much from the passionate volunteers.

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