Monday, October 7, 2019

Commonwealth Hebrew class

A friend told me about a homeschool class offered every Monday afternoon, so we went to check it out and the kids loved it. We now go every week, and I teach one of the classes once a month. Every Monday, the kids are together (ages 8-12) in one room and there is a discussion on a Hebrew symbol (different every month). The meaning of the symbol is tied to stories and historical figures. The second hour is a different topic each Monday of the month, and I teach only on the 2nd Mondays, always about an eminent historical figure. I already did one lesson on Napoleon Bonaparte; next week I will talk about Abigail Adams. Here's a chart showing the symbols: 

Some pictures from Tucker's class. 

They usually go outside for a portion of their classtime.  Here, you can see they're holding soapbars; they starting carving them that day. 

Here, the boys were learning about how oxen pull carts (cause of the first symbol being the ox head)

Last Monday, a woman came to demonstrate how to dye cloth with plants.

It's a good way for the kids to get out and meet some other kids, while learning something new. 

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