Monday, July 27, 2020

Tucker's raisin story

Here it is: Hello, I am Harris the grape. I am about to tell you all about my dehydration. It was a hot Summer's day when it all started. Me and my family were at Raymond Beach, and I was lying out in the sun. It was so nice that I didn't notice anything at first, but when we got up to leave, my skin felt tingly and a bit mushy. I dismissed it as a bad sunburn, but it kept getting worse. Finally, we went to the doctor, who told us, "He has started the process of dehydration. He will be a raisin in two weeks." Naturally, my parents were very proud, as raisins have been in the family business for centuries. Over the next few weeks, I could feel my crunchy, grapey texture turn into sweet, sugary mush. By the end of the two weeks I looked like the oldest grape in my neighborhood. That's how I felt, too. Weak and old. Anyway, That's it, folks!

drawing by Andrea Surace

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