Sunday, July 18, 2021

Visit to Visalia


We went to Visalia last week to visit family. We went out to Mooney Grove Park to go to the Tulare County Museum, which has been around since the 1950s. Some of these pictures are out of order; the above photo is inside the Emken House. 

This is a marker on the outside of museum near the entrance. 

Lots of geese there. 

They still have water in the ponds. 

This tree fell over years ago. 

Savannah sitting on the waterfall by the pool. 

We found a small turtle by the door in the Surprise Schoolhouse. 

This was a control board for the firehouse; whenever an alarm went off, they could use this board to figure out where the alarm was located so they could go there to put out the fire. 

A mockup of small town America just before walking to the outdoor area at the museum. There is a doctor's office, dentist office and barber shop on the left. An old gas pump and Cadillac on the right. 

The old safe I remember looking at as a kid when we would come for field trips through daycare or school. 

Back in the Emken House, you can see the cracked wallpaper. 

Leaving the Emken House, there is an old cabin and a Recorder's office. 

These 'restoration work' plaques were on quite a few exhibits, which shows they have been doing some recent upkeep.

A really old shed full of tack.

and old artillery wagon?

The old caboose

The Lamotte School

Surprise School

As we were driving out of the park, we saw 4 peacocks

and some chickens walking around

Taking a walk around the neighborhood and petting a nice cat.

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