Saturday, October 22, 2022

Walking around the BYU Provo campus

The wedding was in the evening, so we spent the day in Provo with Nan and Melvin, checking out BYU. This is the mascot, Cosmo, right outside the BYU bookstore.

Cool swively chairs in the Computer Science building

a lot of the buildings have cool hands on things to do or look at - this was a digital display on the floor

another large screen that was showing a drone tour of the campus

this is the Eyring Science Center and we're looking at a pendulum that swings to show the movement of the earth

rocks and minerals

they had a bunch of hands on science displays like this one, where you could somehow blow a puff of air across the room

a different science building

funny fake Tesla car


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  1. These are such great photos. Looks like you had an interesting trip. Is Carson going to attend BYU ?