Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Yellowstone National Park

The road to the Old Faithful geyser was closed because of the snow, so we went the other way and found some mud pots and steam vents. 

It smelled very sulfury

This was the most violent one - there was a deep rumbling coming from it and it poured 
steam constantly

some were watery, some were muddy, all with bubbles bubbling up

This was near the West Thumb area, called the Abyss pool - it is a beautiful blue and filled 
with very clear water. 

Then we found that the road opened up, so we drove over to the Old Faithful geyser to catch the scheduled eruption at 5:45pm

It was lightly snowing and very cold. There were a few teasing eruptions before 
the final one happened about 5:50pm

the drive out of the park, very cold, snowy roads

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