Thursday, May 4, 2023


Today the VC Silver Circuits teamed up, once again, with the AT&T Pioneers - Silver State Chapter 101 to construct another impressive CANstruction structure. Our own team member, Hunter, who is only 13, used his CAD skills to design the structure in Fusion360. This year’s structure is 9’-6” wide x 7’-7” tall! Members of the AT&T Pioneers, Hunter, Karl, Coen, Aidan, and Carson were all present to help bring the creation to life.
Please cast your vote for TEAM #3 from May 3-8 for the People’s Choice Award!
Each vote is $1 to cast, with all money raised benefiting the Food Bank. That means every vote cast will provide 3 meals for neighbors in need of food.

Carson said it's supposed to be the phone booth from Dr. Who - and I can
see Wall-E there holding the boot with the plant, and a planet above him.

UPDATE: The Silver Circuits canstructure won both the 'Best Use of Labels'
and the People's Choice awards!

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