Monday, May 1, 2023

More Houston Worlds FIRST Robotics Competition


In the pits, where teams have booths where they can work on their robot and 
have displays with information about their team.

The Silver Circuits are the team in the silver capes

some of the first matches

our good friend Brian came to Houston from Reno to watch the competition

every night the team would meet at the hotel pool to have dinner

the goal was to get cones on junctions (the yellow sticks)

Choosing alliances in Edison Division

The VC Silver Circuits chose The Knack and Brainstormers

The VC Silver Circuits had a great run and were undefeated in their division. 
They did not advance to the finals after losing in the early alliance matches. This 
picture shows the team and their coaches and mentors. 

Carson and Rogan, a mentor to the team. 

The team won the 'Motivate' award

finally home!

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