Monday, August 23, 2010

Gettin' Big

I included both sides of me, cause I seem to look smaller in the lower picture.....

Keith caught me in an excited moment. I'm just so happy to be getting bigger and more uncomfortable everyday!


  1. You look so excited. Can you believe you'll be holding her in no time. It's kind of crazy isn't it?

  2. LOL! You make me laugh out loud, Ang. I wish we lived in the same city, or state or country, even...

    I have been trying to decide what to send you as a gift, but I think I'll just have to do the gift card thing. Where would you like to be able to shop?

  3. by the way, you don't look that big to me...I mean, your belly is big, but the rest of you seems smaller somehow. Maybe it's just the proportions that make it look different. Either way, you're lookin' good and you know I wouldn't say that just to be nice!

  4. You are fantastic! You look beautiful!!