Friday, August 27, 2010

Home of the Brave(s)

Wow!  How often do you get a first row seat at a major league baseball game?!?  I've been in Atlanta, GA for a few days for a trade show for a side business that I've been working on.  Last night a company treated me and one of my business partners to a steak at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  Then tonight my business parter bought us tickets to the Braves game.  Even though the Marlins destroyed the Braves, it was a fun game.  

We actually had fifth row seats, but a quick two minute rain storm cleared out much of the stadium, leaving the first row empty for us to enjoy.  

Unfortunately, my time was booked up too much to get to see Andrea and Brent, but it's been an educational conference.


  1. nice picture! and way nice seats! that's like, where celebrities get to sit.

  2. Ahhh too bad, we would have like to say hi.