Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fairfax Museum

Carson has a merit badge class on Monday; it's for the Citizenship in the Community badge. I decided what better way to prepare for a community presentation than to walk through the local Fairfax Museum. This building was originally Fairfax Elementary School, back in the late 1800s. The front was added on in 1912, and now provides a little lobby area for a front desk and gift shop area. You walk in and see another doorway, and that is what used to be the outer front door.

The pictures are kind of out of order: the yellow walls are the lower floor, which tell all about Fairfax County schools over the years. The dark brown walls are the upper floor, which tells of Fairfax founders, Civil War history, and on through the growth of the community. 

We all really liked this display of old Civil War artifacts found in this area. 

This house is right across the street from this museum. It's an old Civil War-era home owned by the Farr family. It was burned down in war times, was rebuilt and is still owned by that family. There were some cool aerial photos of this area of Fairfax, taken in both 1912 and 2012; you could see how what used to be a farming community is now packed with houses and businesses (not much open land left).

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