Thursday, January 5, 2017

Planetarium and Smithsonian Castle

We ventured into DC a couple of days ago to go see a movie at the Planetarium at the Air and Space Museum. It was AWESOME.  It was called "Dark Universe". We will go back again to see the other movie they have there: "Journey to the Stars". 

The Discovery Room at the Museum of Natural History. The kids spent about an hour just looking through all the hands-on stuff they have in there. Lots of puzzles, animal artifacts, crafts and activities. 

The Smithsonian Castle is the Visitor's Center for all the Smithsonian museums. 

Right when you walk in, there is a small room

Then you walk into this large room with lots of table maps of the Smithsonian Museums. This one the kids are sitting at had a computerized interactive map under the models of the buildings. 

This next room held a lot of furniture and decorative items.

This last room was beautiful, like a cathedral. 

It had basically small sample displays from each of the Smithsonian Museums you can visit. 

It's like an overview of what they have available. 

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