Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Museum of Natural History

We went to the Museum of Natural History again, and this time we walked through the entire museum and saw it all. There were lots of school groups there, it was very busy. 

We first looked at the ocean exhibit and looked at fossils

Great White Shark teeth

There is a human origins exhibit that is very large and tries very hard to prove that we were once apes and used to walk on all fours, until we evolved to walk upright, among other things. The kids and I wondered about these things and compared them to the knowledge we've found in the scriptures. We are happy with what we know from the scriptures.

This is more of the ocean exhibit.

an ocean diorama made entirely of trash found in the ocean, strange, but cool

more fossilized plants

another part of the human origins exhibit

now onto animals

this is overlooking the ocean exhibit

now onto Gems, Minerals and Geology. Bunch of sample of rock that have been smooshed and folded from heat and pressure.

Really bad picture of the Hope Diamond, it's a deep blue color.

They have a small section of Egyptian artifacts that was super fascinating

This is an actual mummified bull

part of a wooden coffin, with drawings/heiroglyphs

looks kind of like the Oscar statue

The tall one is a mummified cat, the small ones are either empty, or just have parts of cats in them. 

They also mummified falcons, alligators and lizards

They had the bug cart out again in the insect exhibit, this is Tucker holding a huge cockroach. It was a very docile cockroach, it walked very slowly and wasn't threatening at all.

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