Thursday, March 2, 2017

Planetarium Movie

We went to the Air and Space Museum on Tuesday and Keith met up with us to go see another Planetarium movie called "Journey to the Stars". It was very good, of course. Then, the kids and I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the exhibits we haven't had the time to see until then. 

This is the 'How Does it Fly?' room. It has a bunch of hands-on exhibits that explain and demonstrate how an airplane can lift off the ground and stay in the air. There are 20 to 30 exhibits in this room and you can easily spend an hour just looking at everything and experimenting with all the different exhibits. The first photo with Carson is of the exhibit that illustrates how friction works. There is a metal bar with sliders on it and you push a button to blow air under the sliders and you hover magnets over them to make them move. The above picture is of a Cessna plane, and Savannah was up there in the cockpit, moving levers around to make the flaps move up and down and side to side on the back of the plane. 

We also looked at these passenger planes behind us. You could walk into two of them. 

The one on the right is a huge plane that has the spiral staircase, and you can go into the cockpit area and look around. The silver one on the floor is a plane from around the 50s or 60s; we could walk inside and see the cockpit and the passenger area and then the back was cut off. They have a lot of pilot and stewardess uniforms on display in this area. 

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