Thursday, March 2, 2017

PE class at nZone

It's about a 30-minute drive from our house; the kids go to a PE class twice a week at nZone in Chantilly.

This is the main hallway towards the fields and workout facilities. 

The kids all love to look at all the stuff in the vending machines and dream about buying it all. 

Basketball courts; sometimes Coach Steven will have a class here.

The main area where the fields and workout rooms intersect.

The classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mondays are always focused on a game or sport skill, while Wednesdays are focused on drills and exercise challenges. The kids sometimes push these sleighs that are pictured. 

Those metal bleachers is where I usually sit for 2 hours, while the kids do their classes. Not very comfortable! I just sit and read and listen to videos while waiting. Today, the kids met in the field to the left, usually they are always in the field on the far right. Today, for some reason there was a bounce house, and Coach Steven let the kids jump around as a reward throughout classtime, the kids loved that!

There are 3 fields.

While the class is going on in one field, the kids waiting can play around in the other fields. 

Sometimes we see different sports teams from private schools coming here to use the facilities, and from the posters up in the building, we know a church uses the building on weekends for services. I took these pictures right before leaving, and we stayed a little later, so everyone is gone. Usually, these areas are full of kids and moms and other patrons.

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