Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cutler's Cookies and the Bountiful Utah Car Show

Carson belongs to various youth design and programming groups online, meeting youth all over the world, but even some nearby.  So when he found out we were going through Bountiful on the way to Grant's Mission Farewell, he arranged to meetup with one of his online friends there.

His friend works for his family business, Cutler's Cookies and Sandwiches.  So we stopped there for lunch and had delicious sandwiches topped off with amazing cookies (some of the best we've had).  I'm sure it was kind of awkward for them to meet in person, but they had a good discussion and found a lot of common interests.

Afterwards, we had some time, so we went to the Bountiful Car Show.  Pretty amazing cars and we loved how it was in the park, with nice shade trees and grass.

Carson really liked this Tesla 3 (whose owner was generous to let him sit in it):

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