Friday, August 9, 2019

Cliff Dwellers, Marble Canyon, Arizona

On the way to Phoenix from Cedar City, I drove through a small area called Cliff Dwellers.  It had several unique little houses built around the boulders scattered throughout the area.

The area was beautiful and the houses were intriguing.  After some research, it turns out the area was settled in 1920 by a couple whose car broke down, so they built temporary shelter under a boulder.  The realized how beautiful the area was, bought the land, and eventually turned it into a hotel and restaurant.

Shortly after passing Cliff Dwellers was the Navajo Bridge covering beautiful Marble Canyon over the Colorado River.

When I arrived in Phoenix, I was able to tour the collection of a friendly classic car aficionado. He had listed some used, but nearly new, wheels/tires to replace those on our car that have not aged well.  We then listed and sold our old wheels on Craigslist, offsetting a decent amount of the price of our new wheels.

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