Tuesday, August 13, 2019

First Day of School (and College)

We officially launched our school year, continuing to home school Tucker and Savannah.  Carson has enrolled in a New Testament seminary class and enrolled in graphic design and programming classes at the community college.  He'll continue to do some home schooling and ACT preparation, but not quite as much now that he has other classes.

College is about 4 miles away, so Carson has been riding the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter to class.  With some minor modifications we've done, it will go about 15-17 miles per hour, getting him there in pretty good time.  It has enough battery life to make the round trip journey.  But with the small wheels, it makes for a bumpy ride.

To celebrate the first day of school, Angela took the kids to Soda Nerd and let them pick out a treat.  They each enjoyed made-to-order cotton candy in their favorite flavors.

Carson's First Day of College:

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