Saturday, August 17, 2019

Pokemon Trade and Play at GameStop Cedar City, UT

Tucker saw that there was a Pokemon Trade and Play event at GameStop.  So we decided to go.  As we walked in, Tucker announced to the employee that we were there for the event.  Looking around, we saw no one.

Surprised, the employee said, "Wow!  Someone came in!".  He went into the back and got out an unopened box of supplies for the event.  They had free trading cards, little plastic tokens, and coloring sheets.  The store also had albums of cards that you could trade for.

We were the only people that had come in to the Cedar City store for the event this time (and apparently, the last time the event was held too).

The employee happily gave the kids all of the cards they wanted and let them trade with the store cards as much as they wanted. 

The kids ended up having a good time, despite not seeing any other kids.

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