Saturday, November 23, 2019

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

For years, I have wanted to have the 'Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree' experience.  Living right next to the Dixie National Forest office, we walked there and paid $10 for a permit.

With all of the storms this week, we had about 2' of fresh snow to tromp through and play in.  We didn't really have a winter last year since we were in Costa Rica, so the kids really enjoyed the snow.

After quite a bit of hiking, we decided we liked this Subalpine Fir (at least, we think it is a Subalpine Fir). 

Immediately on entering the forest, the kids jumped in and made snow angels.

Some areas were a little difficult to hike and, at points, were about 3' deep of soft fresh snow, making it a challenge to keep moving.

The results.  Not exactly the picture perfect tree, but we like it.

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