Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The new slime shop! SavvySlimeAndEssenti

                 Hey it's me again! Guess what? I just opened an Etsy slime shop called SavvySlimeAnd Essentials! (no space) I try to make all my slimes at a good price, but cheap enough to get business. Right now I am also trying to get someone to support my business, or just a job for me to make money. All my packages come with sturdy containers, padding, candy, and slime activator for if it's too sticky. Right now I actually have 18 views and 8 visits! And I just started it on Sunday! I am so exited! I hope I get a sale soon!  

        The reason I opened this Etsy shop was partly because I wanted to raise enough money to support other small Etsy businesses (slime) and if I  have spare money, it goes towards collage funds. If you want to check out my Etsy shop then here is the link!  (just copy and past) Thank you!  

POLL: which name should i choose? 

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