Monday, April 3, 2023

Ridgeline trip to Phoenix

The front of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, built in 1928.

It looks the same as it did in the 20s

a cool stained-glass window in the lobby

the first night there was a outdoor dinner party at the hotel

there were a lot of pools - here are the waterslides

We went on a short hike in the hills near the hotel

all the flowers were in bloom

our hotel room - it was more like an apartment. 

The cactus spines were super firm and sharp

the Saguaro cactus

we went on an ATV excursion in the Sonoran desert

our guide showing us the cholla cactus - he lit it on fire and the spines disintegrated
 and then he cut it open to show how it is edible. 

the trail was pretty dusty - it was nice that they gave us masks

on the last night, there was a farewell dinner

with a band and a cool dance floor

this was a really cool outdoor restaurant bar area at the hotel

we went there for dinner a couple of times

the fire pits were really nice and the food was good. It was a very
relaxing trip.

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