Sunday, April 2, 2023

Trip to Phoenix, part 2


they had these comfy chairs outside, about 5 or 6 of them, and the grass is astroturf

these statues were all over the property

there was a 'beer burro' at the party on the first night

lots of little desserts

nice big balcony

i can't believe we have a kitchen!

this is what breakfast looked like every morning, it was continental, with tables 
all on the sides of the room with coffee, teas, juices, and other food tables in the middle 
with cereals, danishes, fresh fruit and sometimes breakfast sandwiches

walking through a garden area

they had beehives

there were these circular chairs and you could roll around in them

once i got the hang of it, it was fun!

this was a 'Biltmore Breeze' - lemonade with berry tea on top. It was $14. 
I did not know it was $14 until we got the check....

on the Quartz trail

one night the company provided shuttles to Oldtown Scottsdale

so we walked around - they have lots of nice restaurants and shops

and a carriage, but we didn't take a ride

me sitting at the outdoor Spire Bar where we ate dinner

getting masked up for the ATV ride

they had lots of safety talks before the ride

read the sign

the room

super yummy 'lager cheese' loaded fries

spring roll

really yummy beef a la parilla tacos

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