Tuesday, April 25, 2023

FIRST Robotics Championship in Houston, TX

We arrived in Houston on Monday of the week of the robotics championship in order 
to get Carson there early so the VC Silver Circuits could get started on preparations. 

This is the apartment we stayed in for the week. It was very nice and we had a nice view. 

It was near the medical centers in Houston. 

This is the convention center where the competition was - this area was turned into an 'Innovation Fair', where a handful of tech companies had booths. 

Disney Imagineers

(It looks so much like the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC)

While Carson was busy with the team in the early part of the week, we went off on our
own to explore. One place we wanted to visit was Buc-ee's. 

Buc-ee's is a super cool gas station/convenient store that has grown 
in the last 10 years or so and spread all over from Texas into the south. 
They have a bunch of their own branded unique snacks.

They have t-shirts and keychains and oodles of merchandise, plus endless options
for snacks and meals. Their bathrooms are spacious and clean, and they have lots of varieties of drinks.

We got a bumper sticker so we could cut a smaller sticker to put on our Sequoia window.

The outside grassy area where most people went to hang out during 
the lunch break. 

There were food trucks outside and food booths inside the convention center. 

They had cornhole and jenga games set up. 

One of the cool pins on Carson's cape. 

We went downstairs to check out the FIRST competition, not to be confused with
the FIRST Tech Challenge. This one is the college level. 

The robots are HUGE

I thought it was interesting how a team there had similar capes as the VC Silver Circuits

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