Monday, October 3, 2016

Hershey, PA

You can see in the background, the hershey kiss and the hershey bar and the reeses peanut butter cup over the Hershey's Chocolate World sign. 

It was a big store with Hershey's merchandise and chocolate products galore. We went on a free ride that tells you (Disney-style) how Hershey chocolates are made. 

The kids did the 'make your own chocolate bar' adventure. It was all hands-off, where you choose your base chocolate, then toppings at a computer, then watch your bar being made. 

This is the base chocolate tray (white, dark or milk chocolate) that gets filled with whatever topping choice you chose. 

Then that gets 'enrobed' in milk chocolate. 

Then goes through the cooling tunnels.

Then your bar gets folded into a box.

While waiting for the bars to cool, they could design their own covers. 

Some of the hershey merchandise

'Kiss', the hershey kiss

food court with a hershey bakery

Driving down Chocolate Avenue, near the Hershey Factory

Can you tell the road is brown?

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