Monday, October 3, 2016

Lancaster County, PA

We went to Lancaster County, or, Amish Country, Pennsylvania over the weekend. 

We ate lunch at a restaurant that serves traditional amish food family-style. Everything was so tasty, especially the meats: sausage, fried chicken and roast beef. 

Here, we are waiting to go on a buggy ride. We later read that petting horses that are hitched is a rude thing to do in the Amish community. ooops

This is our amish driver, sitting up front with some other passengers. 

We drove up to this Amish farm and stopped to get out and walk around. There is an Amish family that lives on this farm and they allow this buggy-ride company to stop at their house for tours. The family gets $1 for each adult that comes to their farm, and they sell lemonade, cookies and root beer as well for some extra money. 

This is a side shed where the chickens and calves are kept. 

The calves were hungry!

This farm has a contract with Land o Lakes. 

Our driver. 

This little house was where we bought the cookies and root beer on the porch, and this dog was so asleep, I had to take a picture. 

A ranch we passed where horses are trained for in-traffic buggy driving.

Our hotel breakfast, 

which has a waffle iron with an Amish design!

This is outside of a place called "The Amish Experience". It was a complex with a restaurant, a hotel, buggy rides, theater, and an 'authentic' Amish homestead. To the side of us, you see a garden, which is part of this homestead mockup, which includes a house and school house that guests can tour to experience real Amish life. 

No, we did not eat again, this is the same restaurant, just a different set of pictures. 

The fried chicken was sooooo good!

'Farm Tour' buggy ride. 

arrival at the farm

the calf kept sticking out his long tongue and curling it around my hand and finally I just let him suck on my fingers. There were about 10 or more calves all crying for food. I think they are separated from their moms at birth and kept here and bottle fed while the moms are then taken to be milked. 

Standing on the driveway of the farm, looking at the Amish children playing. They kept to themselves. The girl was riding a 'ripstick' skateboard thing, and the other kids were in a wagon. We also saw a couple of cute cats on the property. It was a little weird to be the tourist in this situation, especially with the kids walking around, but it is something they agreed to and it is something that contributes to their income. Our driver told us it is getting harder and harder to survive on just farming alone these days, so a lot of the Amish have to leave their homes for outside work. 

This is in 'Bird in the Hand', another little community nearby. This was a bakeshop with cool rocking bench table things. 

They had a little pen with goats and chickens. 

One chicken had these three teeny chicks with her - SO ADORABLE. At one point, the chicks were following the mom around, then later, they all huddled underneath the mom. So cute!

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