Sunday, October 30, 2016

Learning to Ride Bicycle

We didn't have a good area for the kids to ride bicycles in Atlanta, so Tucker and Savannah didn't get much experience until we moved to Fairfax.

A few weeks ago, Tucker said, "I don't want the training wheels on my bicycle anymore."  I was busy working on the car, so I told him that he was welcome to take them off.  So he got out a ratchet, found the right socket, and removed the training wheels all by himself.  Then he started riding without any real help.  You know you waiting too long to take them off when your child is old enough to take them off without your help.

Then yesterday, Savannah said, 'Dad, I want to learn to ride my bicycle today.  Will you help me?'  So we went outside and she climbed on the bicycle (without training wheels) and she started trying.  I gave her a few pointers, then she started riding.  Pretty amazing!

We read the New Testament as a family each night.  We had been helping Savannah by telling her the words for her verses.  A couple weeks ago, Savannah said, 'I want to read by myself.'  She did.  It's not easily to read the old english in the Bible, but she is reading really well (with a little help).

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