Sunday, October 23, 2016

US Marine Corp Museum, Quantico

Living near DC, you have easy access to amazing places and most of them are free.

We decided to go to the United States Marine Corp Museum near the Quantico Marine base (about a 25 minute drive from our house).

We were in awe; even walking up to it is impressive.  It is an amazing and unique building.  Carson pointed out that it appears to be inspired by the Iwo Jima Memorial statue.  For a museum largely about war, it is surprisingly kid friendly.  We loved it and hope to go back soon to keep learning more.

This is the actual larger flag that flew over Mt Suribachi at Iwo Jima.  Inspiring to see.

A World War I scene with a movie.  You actually felt like you were there.

Carson saying, "Don't Shoot"

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