Thursday, April 4, 2019

Historic Kirtland Ohio

Kirtland, Ohio has been on our list of places to see since we moved to DC.  So much of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ took place there.  The Church has an excellent visitors center that includes tours through the buildings, many of which are original.

Our guide was Elder Garr.  He had dedicated his life and career to studying and teaching the history of the Church.  He know everything and was so passionate about it.

The Newel K Whitney store.

The Joseph and Emma Smith home above the Newel K Whitney store.  Some of the flooring is original from the 1840's and the table is their actual table.

In the 'School of the Prophets' classroom.

This clever checker board used slices of dried corn cobs.

This is a working replica of the original sawmill the Saints built in Nauvoo.  It is powered by a water wheel.

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