Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Historic Nauvoo, IL, Part 1

The early members of the Church of Jesus Christ settled in Nauvoo, IL.  The town is now a historic visitors center with volunteer / missionary re-enactments. 

The town is next to the Mississippi River and from basically everywhere in town, you could look up at a bluff near town and see the temple.  It was a beautiful area, but also an excellent lesson in history.

We road in a horse drawn wagon through the town, while a guide told us the history of areas that we saw.  The horses were huge.

We went to the temple and noticed that the cross street is Knight St, so we had to get a picture with the street sign.

In front of the temple is a monument to commemorate Joseph and Hyrum riding to Carthage, where they were killed.  From the monument, you can view all of Nauvoo and the Mississippi River.

A wagon on one of the streets we walked by.

There is a Woman's Garden, with various statues of women.

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