Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Girls' Pinewood Derby

We were told that there was going to be a girls' pinewood derby race here, so since Tucker wasn't here to participate in a cub scout race, he made a car with Savannah. Here, he is boring holes in his wood block to make it look like cheese.

Savannah wanted to make hers into a cat, so we bought some fake fur and felt and googly eyes.

The racer's lineup.

The race was held in the basement of the Ross house, and there was a good turnout.

We saw some cousins, this is Ayla. It was a coincidence that they both had the same idea for their cars. Tucker was able to race his car against Savannah and Ayla after the official race was over. 

Cousins: Tucker, Ayla, Savannah and Eva. 

Even with all that fur, Savannah's car placed 2nd!

All the racers together. 

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