Saturday, March 30, 2019

Costa Rica Retrospective: Food

The food in Costa Rica was delicious.  Angela quickly learned the seasonings and sauces commonly used here and applied it to her cooking. 

Costa Ricans don't like a lot of spice in their food, but they have some delicious hot sauces.

The grocery stores our of San Jose were a little limited, so you have to get creative with the ingredients available.  But we were able to eat delicious food regularly.

We did visit quite a few stores before finding raw meat that we were comfortable buying.  But the other stores were probably fine.

The pineapple was delicious and inexpensive.

In general, any food grown in Costa Rica was inexpensive and any thing imported was very expensive.  So we adapted to eating primarily locally sourced foods.

There are a lot of small family owned restaurants called Sodas.  They were always delicious and generally, you could get a good meal for $4-5 USD.  Fancier restaurants were often half of the price of an equivalent place in the US.

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