Sunday, March 24, 2019

Visit from Phil, Nicole, and their Family

We have been anxiously awaiting Phil, Nicole, and their family visiting us for weeks.  It was so much fun having them here and the kids loved the company.  They got along so well!

We visited the town square of La Fortuna:

Nicole and Angela with the Catholic Church in the background:

Relaxing and catching up back at our house:

Conner, Phil, and Carson getting photos of the birds from our patio:

This iguana was in our drive way and surprisingly, it let us walk up to it and pet it:

Getting some lunch, the kids ordered on their own with the waitress that didn't appear to know English:

Conner and Carson were working on a computer program together.  Fortunately, Uncle Phil was available to help give them some suggestions.

Savannah, Jarren, and Tucker did some programming and played games together too.

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