Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Mystery of the Golden Sun by Savannah Knight

At church today, Savannah said that she wanted to write a book when we returned to our house.  Here it is, she typed the entire work and illustrated it herself.  This post features an original story written by Savannah Knight.

The Mystery of the Golden Sun
by Savannah Knight

Once upon a time lived a girl named Carla.  She lived in a little cottage made of hay and stones. Her family did not have very much money; her dad worked at a restaurant and he only got about two or three dollars a day. But she was lucky because every year for her birthday she got one dollar.  Once she saved up for a pet!  One day she got enough money she bought a cat!  She went to the forest and got a cricket from the wild. And she bought a parrot too! So now she had to take good care of all of them. Then in the morning she wakes up at seven. Then eats breakfast then gets her backpack and waits for the bus. Then she got home, ate dinner, and went to bed. And early in the morning she woke up because it was so bright! Then she noticed the sun was already up! That means she is late for school! She looked at her clock ONE AM!? How could this be possible! Then she saw the sun fall from the sky! Then she went to her parents’ room.  They were fast asleep.  She did not want to wake them up.  She was sixteen years old so she kind of knew how to drive.  So she drove to the sun.  She was surprised it did not burn her!  When she touched it, it felt like hard metal! But one strange thing about it was that it had squiggles around it!

Then in the morning she called the scientists to see the sun or weird undiscovered thing from space!  And they could not find out what it was.  So she called her friend. He said that it could be the legendary golden sun.  She said to bring the book that he found it in.  They researched for hours then Carla yelled, “Look! Look!” It said in tiny, tiny letters they had to use a microscope to see it.

Well. it said if you see a little crack in this object find these three things: the knight’s sword, the magic gas mask, the magic clear gloves. When doing this, shew away all the neighbors out of the neighborhood. You can find these objects in the same place, but they are hidden very well with booby traps. So be careful! So we go looking for three magic objects. Let’s try to go to the magic cavern. But it wasn’t there. They tried every single place in the world by now! Then they visited every planet! Except for Venus.

So they visited Venus a few hours later.  They found a crack in the ground!  They took one of her cooking knives and cracked it open.

So then they hopped in.  Wow!  Then she saw the three magic objects!  She ran for it, but right before she got the objects, a knife popped up in front of her. “AAAHHHH!”, she screamed.  “I don’t want to die!”, she said.  She ran to her pets then she said, “I should have remembered there were booby traps.” With the knives she put some slits of paper and right when it cut she slid under the knives.  “Yay!” She said.

Then there were fire torches. “I need some metal!” Then her pets ran back to the spaceship and got a metal sheet.   They slid it under the booby traps.  She put it over the torch and the fire went out but somehow it lit again! It shot her to the ceiling.  

The pets asked, “are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m ok but you can talk??!!”

“Yes, we should finish your mission!”

“Ok.”, she quickly picked up the objects and they left on their way home.  She got an e-mail that said, “your mother died of a bad disease please come home!”

“Ok I will.”

 So she go home and sat on her bed. I did not want her to die!

Then she left the house thinking about her.   “Well, I should forget that even happened,” so she went on with the mystery.   So I should use the sword to crack open that weird legendary thing. So she put on the gas mask and then shewed all the neighbors away and then put on the gloves.  Then she opened the thing with the sword.  It was a baby dragon! Then there were words above that said, “The Health Dragon.” This could be useful! She brought it to her mother. It hugged her legs and then pooooof! Her mom was alive again! “Oh, I’m so glad you are alive again!”, then they were together again.  Then they got millions of dollars for the baby dragon’s egg!  So they are no longer poor.


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