Saturday, March 16, 2019

Crocodiles in our Yard

We found a good way to get out and get some exercise -- night walks in the yard.  We explore, looking for bugs and animals.  There is actually a small caiman (similar to a small crocodile, but less aggressive) that lives by our drive-way.  We've also seen lots of toads, frogs, geckos, lizard, and spiders.

If you look very closely, you can see the caiman's head in the middle of the lilly-pads, with its striped tail coming towards the camera.

A large katydid (looks like a leaf):

An iguana in our driveway.  It didn't seem healthy and stayed there while we approached:

A beatle:

A large spider:

A toad:

A well camouflaged frog:

A tiny lizard that joined us for scripture study:

We caught the tiny lizard.  We had to be very cautious holding it since it was so delicate.

We found this poor gecko in the refrigerator (he didn't survive):

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